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The Research Management and Innovation Centre (RMIC), Kolej Universiti Islam Perlis, was established on January 26, 2017. In general, RMIC is a centre where all information and the research and innovation activities are managed to facilitate KUIPs academicians.

Become a leading Islamic Higher Education Institution and produce quality research.

To support and promote the involvement of the lecturers in the research activities catering to the needs and interests of the community.

RMIC plays a role in:

1) Providing research advisory services. Among the services offered are research grant offers, research grant applications, form filling guides, research paper writing methods and more.

2) Managing applications and issuing research grants such as KUIPs internal research grants, external grants including KPT, MOSTI and others.

3) Regulate the conduct of research activities. Reports are issued every six (6) months to show the status and progress of the research.

4) To become the catalyst and coordinator of joint venture research projects between KUIPs and external industry or research institutions.

5) To market KUIPs research products and products through the production of pamphlets, research directories, annual research reports and also through participation in research exhibitions.

6) To support all research activities among KUIPs researchers and academic staff.

7) To develop and enhance research skills among KUIPs staff.

1) Operation Unit
2) Finance Unit 
3) Research Grant Management Unit 
4) Research Grant Monitoring Unit
5) Research Agreement Management Unit
6) Intellectual Property Management Unit