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The Co-Curriculum Centre is responsible for providing co-curriculum activities for KUIPs students comprising of 7 Pillars and Credit Co-Curriculum activities.

Become a Centre of Responsibility that is in line with other universities in shaping individuals applied to the values ​​of “Syumul, Taqwa & Dinamik” through the implementation of the Credit Co-Curriculum Course and the 7 Pillars activities in line with the vision and mission of the KUIPs.

Leading co-curriculum activities to enhance soft skills in line with KUIPs vision and mission requirements.

  1. Targeting 80% of students who apply for the Co-Curriculum Credibility earns Grade A in each semester of study.
  2. Ensure that at least 80% of students successfully complete the 7 Pillars elements in the 4th semester according to the bidding structure.

  3. Ensure that all 7 Pillars activities are implemented each semester.
  4. Review the Credit Co-Curriculum course syllabus and the 7 Pillars activities at least every 2 years.

CO Pusat KO-K
  1. Personality Unit (Sunnah Sports)
  2. Al-Zai Al-Khas Unit (Uniform Body)
  3. Tijariyah Needle Unit (Entrepreneurship)
  4. Human Resources Unit (Lifelong Skills)
  5. Customer Service Unit (Public Speaking)
  6. Public Administration Unit (Human Capital)
  7. Al-Quranic Hifz Unit (Quran Recitation)
  8. Co-Curricular Credits Unit