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Realizing Counseling and Career services based on professional ethics in shaping Students balance of cognitive, spiritual, effective, behavioral and social aspects holistically to produce Syumul, Taqwa, Dynamic students in line with the core of Perlis Islamic University College (KUIPs).

Apply and focus on the development, adaptation and change and progress within the students through the application of a holistic counselling approach to establishing balance and well-being throughout the life of the students.

  1. The Counseling Center plays a key role in assisting students of the Perlis Islamic University College (KUIPs) in academic, personal, career and interpersonal development through Individual Counseling, Group Counseling, Career Counseling, Consulting, Activity Guidance, Psychology Testing and E-Counseling.

  2. Organize student / i development and career development programs through emphasis on prevention, recovery, development and intervention aspects in guiding student / i issues such as stress, crisis and conflict, personal and career issues to achieve growth, adaptation and change and self-improvement lifetime.

  1. Individual Counseling
  2. Group Counseling
  3. Career Counseling
  4. Consultation
  5. Guidance
  6. Psychometric Test
  7. E-counseling