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Logo KUIPs


The Official Logo design of Kolej Universiti Islam Perlis is based on the alphabetical order of Roman K.U.I.P.s which is then processed and designed according to the style of Islamic calligraphy with background of a mosque. The mosque symbolizes an Islamic Religious Institutions or buildings constructed for the purpose of worship to the path of Allah SWT parallel with the establishment of KUIPs as an Institution of Knowledge and Human Development, which will be used to the path of Allah SWT.

Approval Date: 8/11/2019

Reference Date: JPT/BPP(U)1000-801/138/Jld5(7)

First : The moon and stars are Islamic symbolic. It’s often used as a landmark dome of the mosque, mace and structural design of unique Islamic art. The sign used blue and yellow as the basis of the official colors of the flag to represent the states of Perlis.

Second : Basically the letter is designed as a letter Alif is the first of Hijaiyah letter. This design can also be defined as the number 1, which is symbolic of the sign of confidence in the Only God, Allah SWT. It is also in line with KUIPs’s vision to become a number 1 and the best Islamic Knowledge Centre.

Third : The three layers of the bottom line on this logo is designed to symbolize human development, namely adherence to the Religion, State and Nation.

Fourth : The combination of colors ‘Gradient’ elemental earth with golden tones also strengthen the structure so that the design appears leaner and has a high aesthetic value. The overall design logo with symmetrical balanced also highlights the balance of human life, the world and the hereafter.

Fifth : The ‘Garamond’ fonts was used as the official font of KUIPs logo because that symbolizes professionalism and style in teaching and learning in KUIPs. Its are in accordance with a strong and cohesive character. Arabic Calligraphy ‘Jamiah Islamiah Birlis’ symbolizes the use of Arabic which is the language of Quran. Calligraphy was designed using the technique of Khat Diwan / Diwani.