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Advantages of KUIPs

1.  Institutions are recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education.

2.  A higher education institution owned by the Islamic Religious & Traditional Malay Perlis Council (MAIPs).

3.  Scholarship and loan offer can be changed by Yayasan Angkasa Malaysia and full loan by PTPTN.

4.  The program of study is recognized by MQA.

5.  The first institution of higher learning has been certified ISO 9001: 2015

6.  The student zakat trust fund provides livelihood aid to eligible students.

7.  Covered by His Royal Highness The Crown Prince of Perlis As Chancellor.

8.  Perlis is a non-entertainment state with a low cost of living.

9.  Qualified and experienced instructors.

10.  Value-added packages (7 Pillars of KUIPs) are advantageous to KUIPs students.

11.  Advanced learning opportunities to the Middle East, Brunei and Indonesia.

12.  Facilities are complete and conducive.

13.  Muallaf Education Scholarship. Open to Muallaf throughout Malaysia.

14.  Asnaf High Education Scholarship, the opportunity to continue the Diploma in KUIPs for Asnaf in the state of Perlis.